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RV Clearing House - RV Classified Ads

We also offer a great online RV Classified Ad service, called RV Clearing House, located at www.RVClearingHouse.com. You can buy or sell your RV on the website. The website has been online since 2000 and currently has over thousands of ads listed.

The prices start at $4.95/mo to list your RV for sale and it stays on the site until you sell it or let us know to remove it.

Buyers, we can also finance an RV you buy on our classified ad site, if it meets our minimum financing requirements. At this time, the sales price has to be above $10,000 (an it has to be worth that much at least. If in doubt, look it up on www.nadaguides.com) and the RV cannot be more than 10 years old at the time of purchase.